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New song, “Felon on the Run”, is out NOW GO TO MY SOUND-CLOUD!!...

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I made this song about and month ago and it has a special place in my heart, I was reflecting on my time in the criminal justice system and the hardships I went through when they charged me with a felony for inciting violence becuase of a video I made. As you can tell it was a crazy time in my life because I was homless and had a lot of people threatening me while I was becoming famous and getting millions of views and making it as a famous rapper trapstar.

"Felon on the run" was also my first experience in really developing music, I had to make my own studio get all my own equipment while I had a lot of enemies and no friends and my family was against me and even tried to stop me at every turn.

"although this was a crazy time In my life ive been through many hardships and honestly this was nothing compared to past things I have been through"

I really gotta thank god for my enemies because through this whole process of starting my own buisness , label and music I wanted to quit and cry and I just thought of my enemies and it pushed me to places i never thought I would go, I wish i could send them paychecks but i need that for my jewlery bitch!!

My Struggle in makeing this song

In the production of this song I really had to grab my balls and it took everything I had, I had to go against all of my ex-friends that i left in the pretence, all of my familly called me a disease and parasite and every name in the book. I was facing a felony, but im a g and i said fuck you to everyone and did what i wanted i even fired my own lawyer cause I felt he was working against me behind the scenes, i stopped out the snakes, used my enemies as energy and modivation to work harder and i studied my ass off.

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