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I was recently charged with a class 6 felony about six months ago, little did I know that this charge would throw me into a passionate fight that I am prowd to stand for as a passionate american born and raised in the united states and a beleiver in the 1st amendment, TRUMP 2020. The charges where recently dissmissed because me and my legal team had to fight for it valiently for many months. I CAN ONLY SPEAK ON THIS BECAUSE THE CASE IS CLOSED, but this case taught me a lot, it put me on the front lines of the fight for the first amendment because my case was highly publicized. To much of my astonoshment when I started researching laws they could throw you in jail for things you could say, I WAS BAFFLED THE LAWS AGAINST THE 1st amendmend is endless. The 1st amendment along with many other amendments have been under attack by the radical left with their safe bubbles, trigger words, and words that offend, IN THE END the sherriff himself dissmissed the case on behalf of the first amendment, mental health, and the fact that SOMEONE snitched and shared my video to a popular police sight, you can read all about it on my facebook page. THE POINT IS if they can do this to me they can do this to you, when I started looking into laws you can break just by speaking, it ALAMRMED me, this is serious our first amendment is under attack, and where loosing, I used to make videos where I could speak my mind but i can no longer do that because of fear that i might get arrested for saying the things i feel or think. This is a sad time where living when people in america are getting arrested for things they say, MY CASE is a small victiory but the war continues and we must be vigilent for our stand in the 1st amendment. We can no longer say where a free country if you cant even speak your mind on an unknown contreversial topic without catching a felony for it, I was speaking on the carona virus in MARCH when i made the video a virus we knew NOTHING ABOUT AT THE TIME! and they still found a way to slap me with a felony, take down my video and make my life hell for just having a different point of view, but i fought like hell and I WON IN THE END because at the bottom of my heart I knew what was happening was wrong, GOD TOLD ME that I was put on this earth for this reason, I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING IN MY LIFE cause I love this country and I believe IN what it was founded on AND I AM SO PROWD TO BE A FIGURE STANDING FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, THANKYOU GOD BLESS and please buy my merchendice if you support my cause. IM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN REANCARNATED BISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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